In collaboration with Aliette Salama, Emma Taeko Zoia

A collaborative residency, A Dream’s Night (La Nuit du Rêve) organised and hosted by Aliette Salama et Emma Taeko Zoia in Paris, from the 2nd to the 6th of January, in which I was invited among fifteen other artists in order to create a radio show that aired on Radio Vizir on the night of the 5th of January from 10pm to 10am the next day non stop.

« We Are 15 artists, musicians, performers, visual artists and friends who got together to experiment on, in and with dreams.
These four days of sharing et experiment on collective life are the occasion to go deeper in our research, discover new materials used in the composition of dreams and how it can be used for storytelling. »
The radio show was composed and created collectively and every guest submitted a different format and a different form of storytelling, from musical mixes to readings, interviews, open calls etc.

I worked on two kind of projects, the first one was to archive the event for the week, and with other pictures from the guests, my photos were posted every day until the show aired.

As for the radio show, I participated especially in the making of a two-part program, the first one was an interview of two authors, Marie Chevrette Rodin and Claire H Mullen about their common work, and then an radio-adaptation of Claire’s comic Heavy Pulp (La Pulpe Lourde), published in Hymen Only, a zine by L’Amour Éditions.
The interview was created and written in collaboration with Flore Balas, Laura Burucoa and Loto Rétina.

Aliette Salama
Emma Taeko Zoia
Vizir Radio