In collaboration with Revue Bagarre, Sophie Toulouse

Following an invitation from Sophie Toulouse, Joy to create is a drawing conceived and composed in response to this protocol proposal:
"Produce a work based on the fictional text below. This text is the offbeat description of a work from Beaubourg's permanent collection, chosen for its proximity to the theme of La Pièce Montée. The text in question is a text by Camille Jouneaux.


With this work, the artist takes us back into the purest tradition of Scottish craftsmanship and tartan making. His tightly framed images of elves at work give the impression of intense hustle and bustle and effervescent work. Far from the deep greens and bright reds usually associated with these fabrics, the artist uses a whimsical palette of yellows and purples. These colours are both an expression of the joie de vivre of the little creatures at work, and a hymn to creative freedom. In a syncretic dynamic that brings together old and new religions, the arrangement of the elves is reminiscent of Rubens' Descent from the Cross, and places the artist in the company of the greatest.

Joy to create is the first in a series of four drawings, 'The World they offer us', created in response to an invitation from Ardalan Yaghoubi and the creative agencytogaether to take part in their exhibition Waall#4 from 14 to 17 March 2024 at la galerie Au Roi, 73-75 Rue de la fontaine au roi, 75011 Paris.

Bagarre, Round 3 Pièce Montée was launched at Drawing Hotel, 17 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris.