In collaboration with Nina Lechartier

Slurp is a book created in collaboration with Nina Lechartier for over a year in which we illustrated each other’s novels.
The first one, A Night in Cléroncke , Nina’s novel illustrated by me, tells the story of a young man getting lost after a work party, drunk, in a mysterious town nearby the sea. The second one, The Three Sisters , illustrated by Nina, is a story I wrote about three sisters struggling to find their way in the Fradsbörd forest, they’d later find refuge in a haunted tea room.

The two different styles, gouache on paper with loads of water, sprays of paint, wiping colour and letting it go as well for nina, coloured pencil drawings with strong, odd colour contrasts, shapes and frames for my part of the work.
The whole book itself combines our works through the riso technique, printed by Animal Press.

Slurp launched at La Régulière’s parisian bookshop on may 30th 2019 and was also featured in the collective exhibition Inventaire in June 2019, hosted by the Fanzine Festival in Paris at La Parole Errante.

Book available for online purchase
Nina Lechartier
Animal Print