In collaboration with Art-238 BIS

Commissioned portrait of Camille Martin, curator and founder of the company Art. 238 bis.

"In the entrepreneurial world, image and self-representation are essential. For example, the choice of a LinkedIn profile picture is an art. In my recent digital marketing training, I learned that "choosing a photo that gives credibility to your professionalism and brand image is essential."
It was on this basis that I had the idea to propose to Sébastien Sans-Arcidet to draw my portrait. 👩🏻‍💼

🧐 "Professionalism"
This aspect greatly constrained the realisation of the work. It was already necessary to choose a good basic photograph with a simple pose, serious but spontaneous, and adaptable in drawing. It was also necessary to make more conventional aesthetic choices to correspond to the expectations of a so-called professional portrait; hence the choice of skin tone with natural tones for example.

🧐 "The brand image"
This lies in the choice of a commission to a visual artist. I want the support of young artists to permeate every detail of the project. By commissioning Sébastien to do my portrait, I wanted to allow his work to be valued and, above all, to be paid.
To give credibility to the brand image, Sébastien offered to design the Art. 238 bis logo designed by Clara Sambot, based on the company's visual identity.

Both perfectly adapted to my professional uses and to the commercial environment in which I immerse myself, this drawing also proposes a sensitive interpretation, at a place where subjectivity is rarely appreciated, allowing to shake up the norms of capitalisation of one's image. 🤓

The result is an original portrait that I now use for all my communication as founder of Art. 238 bis. 👩🏻‍💻💫" - Camille Martin

Art. 238 bis